Effect Of Technology In The Dental Field

Technology In The Dental Field

Dental treatments and procedures are not as painful or complicated like before. Thanks to the advanced medical technologies, nowadays, dentists can offer various dental treatments without making their patients feel much pain or discomfort. You can check out professionals like centurystonedental.com to find out the options available for rectifying your dental problems. It can guide you on finding the right dentists and procedures for your dental conditions. You can also read more here to know the latest development in dental technology.

Digital and 3D Printing

The 3D printer is one of the remarkable inventions in recent years. This 3D printer helps to create a three-dimensional model of an object. Currently, these 3D printers are made by manufacturing sectors across various industries. Modern dentistry uses this 3D printer for making accurate dental models in less time. It is right to say that the 3D printer has revolutionized the way of creating the dental models.

Superior Visualization

OmniOptic, a new product from Orascoptic, enables the dental professionals to choose the ideal level of magnification when performing a procedure. This device expands the magnification capability of the same loupe, thereby avoiding the need for buying an additional system for higher magnification. OmniOptic makes magnification easier and also saves the cost for dental professionals.

Another new product from Orascoptic is called Spark. This is a cordless headlight that can be attached to any loupe or eyewear frame. Spark’s innovative design distributes the weight uniformly on the base device to minimize the pain on the wearer’s nose. With a weight of 31.8 grams, this device is lightweight and comfortable to use. Spark delivers accurately focused spotlight that significantly improves visibility during the procedure.

The solution for Fixed-Hybrid Implant Failure

Locator F-Tx Fixed Attachment System is a new solution available to correct a fixed-hybrid implant failure. This device makes it possible for dental professionals to fix the problem rather than replacing the prosthesis. The Locator F-Tx offers a quick and cost-saving solution for the patients.

Better Dental Impressions

This is a new intraoral scanner which allows the dentists to scan the gums and teeth with a higher level of accuracy, without making the patients uncomfortable. This device comes with an intraoral camera that offers improved and realistic color options. By using this tool, the dentists can achieve superior quality dental impressions that will help them to provide better treatment.

Advanced Dental Turbines

A medical technology company, with its headquarters in Switzerland, has launched a new device called Tornado turbine handpiece. This device offers many benefits over other turbines in the market.

This air driver handpiece offers a power output of 30-watt with a lesser noise level of 55 decibels. Anti-heating technology prevents heat buildup in the turbine head to avoid the risk of burns. The sealed head features a wear-resistant construction that extends the device’s lifetime and withstands contamination.

Advanced Dental Camera

A dental technology company has invented the new digital dental camera, which helps the dentists to capture high-quality dental photographs with superior detail and color. This camera is made chemical and water resistant to ensure long-lasting use. Its user-friendly design makes it easy for everyone in the dental team to use this device with utmost ease.

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