Being Physically Fit

Many people would have made a New Year resolution to keep themselves physically fit and might have joined the gym or planned out an exercise regimen and already started to lose the interest in it. If you have started your fitness regimen for fun because others are doing it or your buddy asked you to do or merely for the sake of having a resolution every year, there are high chances that you might lose the interest in it soon.  

Understanding the advantages of being physically fit and the magic it could do your body and mind could help you to focus and keep up with your exercise regimen resolution.

Physical exercises might be strenuous that we might tend to leave it when we get tired, but it is vital for improving your health and wellness. Some people might be afraid of wounds and injuries they might get during the activity, but a research study shows that the injuries are minimal when compared to the health benefits. Also, it is recommended to do a health check for every three months or 6 months.

Advantages of Being Fit

The following are the advantages of doing exercises and keeping yourself fit.

Health of your Heart

People who have a daily physical exercise are at minimum risk of having a heart attack or strokes, compared to people who do not do exercise. Spending at least 2 hours of exercise improves the health of your heart.

Mentally Fit

Physically fit is not only good for the body but also for the mental health. Research shows that exercises could reduce depression and stress. It enhances sleep and the mental health which can otherwise deteriorate due to aging.

Blood Pressure Levels

Exercises also help to keep the individual in having balanced blood pressure levels. Physically fit people could have control over the blood pressure levels and the cholesterol levels in the body than the unfit person.

Low Risk of Cancer


A recent research study by a health community has shown that doing exercises could reduce the potential causes of cancer. These include all kinds of cancer such as breast cancer, lung cancer, endometrial cancer, colon cancer, etc, in both men and women.

Strong Bones

With aging, everyone tends to lose strength in the bones, but a study shows that this could be avoided by doing physical exercises on a daily basis. Physical activities like walking, dancing, could help to improve the strength of the bones. Also, weight-training exercises would pull up the muscles concealed around the bones helping the bones to bear more pressure and thereby increasing the strength of the bones.

Increases Metabolism

Metabolism plays a significant role to determine a person’s health. If someone has metabolic issues, it means the person is prone to critical health issues such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, excess belly fat, etc. Physical activities could help to increase metabolism and prevent related health problems like type 2 diabetes.

Longer Life

Well, above all, being physically fit increases the longevity of your life. Old people, who are fit, tend to have minimum chances of falling ill compared to people who are not physically fit.

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