The 3 Top Reasons Women Opt For Breast Augmentation

A number of Toronto Surgery and cosmetic treatment doctors have spoken about the rise of plastic procedures in the recent years. A report by Plastic surgeons gives proof to this popularity. For more Info about the survey read the article. One such plastic surgery that is often ignored and dismissed off-hand is breast augmentation. Even though not talked about a lot, it is still one of the top cosmetic procedures in US and Canada. In here, we explore three reasons why women opt for breast augmentation. From a more youthful look to gaining back a body that was ravished by Cancer, there are many factors that lead to artificial breast increase.

• The first and most common reason women and sometimes men undergo breast augmentation is mastectomy. For patients who have survived breast cancer, the cosmetic surgery can be a godsend. A breast reconstruction surgery allows cancer patients to gain back their previous physique. This kind of breast augmentation is a bit more complicated than one done on an average patient. Besides adding a breast implant, the surgery also includes the construction of areola and skin grafting. There is no denying the value of breast reconstruction to individuals who have lost their original figure due to breast cancer.

• Another reason women may opt for breast augmentation is Micromastia. Medically, the term implies incomplete development of breasts after puberty. But, because the size of breasts has a wide range, there is no single standard to diagnose the condition. Women who believe they have Macromastia or have smaller breasts as compared to the average can benefit from cosmetic surgery. The intense embarrassment females suffer due to the condition can be removed by adding implants. The operation can boost self-perception, confidence and even create a better self-image by creating a fuller figure.

• A mommy makeover is the third reason many women opt for breast increase through surgery. The breasts of some females decrease in size or get droopy after the birth of their child. This reduction is breast volume post pregnancy cannot be restored by a simple exercise. The sole way to achieve a fuller look similar to a pre-baby body is to have breast implants added. When breast augmentation is done in combination with other cosmetic treatments like a tummy tuck, then it is called a mommy makeover.

These three reasons have a medical foundation when it comes to choosing breast cosmetic surgery. As per doctors, a medical cause is the most common factor for women to undergo such an operation. But some patients do come in to boost their self-esteem. For these women, a fuller and more abundant cup size is a way to feel better about themselves. They feel more confident after a breast treatment. They feel more self-assured when clothes fit better. Dissatisfaction with body image, therefore, becomes the fourth reason a lot of females choose to have a breast augmentation.
No matter the reason, as long as the surgery is done for reasons that are your own, it is the correct choice.

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