Secret Remedy for Cancer

canser fighting drink

There are millions of cases where people lose their lives for cancer. It is believed that cancer is incurable. Is it? Well, think again. People are losing their lives for they lack knowledge as to how to fight against these deadly diseases. There are many solutions and remedies for cancer that are hidden from the common people for shady reasons. the secrets of underground medicine book will present you with many remedies and therapies which were kept hidden and secret for a long time. Now that this book is out, you can get all the related information to fight against the disease. For more info you can check out the book online or get in the nearest store to you. To prove it right, this article will present you with an incidence that took place back in the year 1922.

It is about a Canadian nurse, named Rene Caisse who discovered a secret that could have changed hers and her patient’s life forever. It all started when she met a woman with breast cancer. She was recommended mastectomy and back in days, it was often stringy. So a medicine man helped her with an herbal mixture which the women drank every day. Very soon the tumor in her breast slowly diminished. Caisse got hold of the recipe from her patient and tried it on her aunt, who was also diagnosed with cancer. With permission from her aunt’s doctor, Caisse gave her the herbal mixture every day and very soon, she was also cleared of the disease and lived for another 21 years with no trace of cancer in her life.

Caisse became more interested in the herbal mixture and soon started experimenting with it with the help of few doctors. There was also a petition given for the Government of Canada to give facilities for Caisse treatments. But instead, Caisse was threatened and her petition was repudiated. She dodged her arrest warrant with the help of a few doctors. She later ran these tests on a few mice’s which proved successful.

Caisse gave up her nursing job to focus on cancer treatment in her apartment. Very soon most of her patients diagnosed with cancer were cured and lived a normal life. Later the council of Brace Bridge Town gave her 5 rooms to treat the cancer patients. During that time, thousands of patients were treated successfully.

A petition was again circulated demanding Caisse to treat without any doctor’s presence or arrest threat. But she lost in three votes. She wanted to prove the board members that it worked successfully, but they wanted the formula first. She was hounded, suffered and later closed her clinic. She was threatened to hand over the formula or face jail terms. She went underground and silently started treating people. She then worked on with many doctors and researchers, but they were not as successful as they failed to include an important ingredient. She felt irritated and lost and finally sold her formula to Resperin and a few of her friends.

The secret formula includes sheep sorrel, burdock root, turkey rhubarb root, and slippery elm bark. But many people still debate about the ingredient’s right amount. So no matter whether people believe it or not, it treated thousands of patients successfully.

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